Curve Magazine

"Quirky and smart with sultry vocals and intricate dulcimer playing.”


"Shy One" is carried by [DK and the Joy Machine's] expressive voice reminiscent of Patti Smith, the indestructible godmother of punk, and extends the virtuoso to the strings of her acoustic and electric dulcimer. DK showcases an obvious kinship and flair with PJ Harvey, Indigo Girls and Lucinda Williams.

"Shy One" ...shows traces of the deep south... [with] Music that directly touches the heart and convinces in pure beauty. Intense and colorful with a whimsical character: On the one hand she makes, surrounded by friends on accordion, violin, trumpet and glockenspiel, moving anti-folk and rootsy Americana. On the other hand she brings you the blood under the fingernails with verbal rebellion (FuDad and Androgynous Grrr), supercharged intensity and fierce eruption of guitars. The energy of punk music.” (from the Dutch, via Google translate)

Adobe and Teardrops

"delightfully eclectic -- swinging from love songs to feral cats, love songs to feral women, traditional folk, punk (yes, on the dulcimer), and poetry by William Butler Yeats. It all hangs together on DK's wry sense of humor and crooked smile."

KME - Karel Music Expo

"... a rare example of contemporary folk, ancient as a medieval melody, wide as the sun."

Junior's Cave

“The diversity of her music is one of the highpoints to DK’s music. She has such a passion, love, and respect for what she does that each song she crafts/creates come out sounding original, quirky, and smart. It is, however, her command over the dulcimer that is the best part to how DK and her Joy Machine sound to others.”

Vents Magazine

“Love Harder is an album with heart, feeling, beauty, and passion. In every chord, note, or string you can feel poetry, sincerity, greatness. Two pieces of evidence for this are “Siamese Twins” and “These Four Walls.” In the latter track, Dian takes the time to sing and her voice will immediately remind many of us of singers such as Dido/Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries)/Alanis Morissette. “Love Harder” is another song where string instruments combine to deliver something powerful, epic, and really experimental... It’s really poetic and captivating...this is a record to closely pay attention to and be delighted by...”

What I Read and Watched

“What a treat! Last night I got to hear DK and the Joy Machine perform at Sidewalk. DK commands both acoustic and electric dulcimer with graceful mastery. She was joined by Sho Handa on percussion. Beautiful sounds. Her original songs are quirky and smart, and her singing is just wonderful. Lovely range from soft highs to much deeper notes. It was a fabulous evening and I look forward to more.”